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Onwards and Upwards

Onwards and Upwards

I’ve learned that you cannot sustain a rushed effort. I used to go at something with all the relish of a madman and then when the ‘coal’ ran out, I’d sit there panting, wondering what that was all about. There was a joke a Veteran Policeman tells his Rookie Colleague in the film Colours if… Read more »

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Paul D. Brazill

Dave Wilde Reviews 13 Shots Of Noir

Over at Goodreads, he says: ‘These are all good stories. “The Tut” begins with the unforgettable line: “After enduring forty-five years of a marriage that was at best, like wading through treacle, Oliver Robinson eventually had enough and smothered his wife with the beige corduroy cushion that he’d accidentally burned with a cigarette two fraught […]

A Song For Saturday: Juvenile Delinquent by Disguise

Livia Sbarbaro Reviews Cold London Blues

Over at, Livia Sbarbaro gives Cold London Blues 5 STARS and says: ‘This is a funny, fast and devilish story of revenge, takedowns and murder.’

A Film For Friday: Our Man Flint

Recommended Read: Dig Two Graves by Keith Nixon

Detective Sergeant Solomon Grey is a wreck of a man, battered and bruised by personal tragedy. When he investigates the apparent suicide of a sixteen-year-old boy, he is soon embroiled in something much more sinister. Dig Two Graves by Keith Nixon is a not only a cracking whodunnit, it is also a powerful and gripping […]

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