About Us


Managing Director
Craig is passionate about books and how they do the authors justice.  He goes to great lengths to ensure the best outcome for his authors.  His primary aim is to elevate budding authors onto a platform that offers them publicity and exposure.   Craig begun working on blogs in 2011 and this evolved into an online fiction magazine specialising in crime noir.  He has since explored the realm of publishing and has so far, helped publish over 50 works of fiction, including 2 of his own works.


Gritfiction Chief Editor
Kevin is the meticulous beast every publishing company craves for. Kevin has helped Gritfiction churn out some amazing work. He works tirelessly in order to get the best from the authors he works with and will go at great lengths to help them achieve their literary potential.


Near To The Knuckle Chief Editor
Oliver has a keen eye for talent and this is evident in the work we showcase on our site. He goes above and beyond a rejection letter, by offering advice and help to authors, in order for them to be accepted on their next submission. This in our view, sets him apart from other editors.


Public Relations and Marketing Manager
Chris Roy is the author of Shocking Circumstances, Sharp as a Razor, and Her Name Is Mercie. He was raised in South Mississippi, where he lived comfortably with the criminal ventures of his youth until a fistfight in 1999 ended tragically. Since January, 2000, he's been serving a life sentence in the Mississippi Department of Corrections. Nowadays he lives his life of crime vicariously, through the edgy, fast-paced stories he pens, hoping to entertain readers. When he isn't writing, he's reading, drawing or looking for prospects to train in boxing.