Gareth Spark

Gareth Spark was born in Whitby He began writing the pieces that became his first collection, At the breakwater (Mudfog Press, 2001) in the late 90’s. His second collection Ramraid (Skrev Press, 2004) followed soon after. In 2007, he moved to Spain, where he began to write his third collection Rain in a dry land (Mudfog Press, 2008) while working in various bars. His short fiction and poetry appeared in Near to the Knuckle, Shotgun Honey, Line Zero, Ink, sweat and tears, Out of the Gutter, NAP, Poetry Bus and Deepwater Literary Review, among others. His story American Tan won second place in the GKBC International Short Story competition in 2013. The publication of his first collection of stories Snake Farm (Electraglade Press) followed in 2015. He reviews online for Fjords Review, among others, and is a member of the Zelmer Pulp writing collective.


Marwick's Reckoning

A man is sat in a bar quietly drinking. He sips at his neat scotch and frowns. Nothing wrong with the booze, he's wondering where his life has gone so wrong. He's been betrayed at every turn by those he has loved and trusted. The fact that they were murderers and gangsters has nothing to do with it. Betrayal hurts and as we all know a wounded animal lashes out.
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  • Praise for Marwick's Reckoning
“Marwick is a broken man. Broken but not shattered. Marwick is a violent London gangster, an enforcer who has moved to Spain for a quieter life and who is eventually embroiled in drug smuggling, murder and more. Published by Near To The Knuckle, Marwick’s Reckoning by Gareth Spark is fantastic. Like a Brit Grit Graham Greene it’s full of doomed romanticism, longing and shocking violence. Beautifully, vividly and powerfully written Marwick’s Reckoning is very highly recommended indeed.”
Luke Case Amazon Customer
  • Praise for Marwick's Reckoning

“I've been following Gareth Spark's writing for years and I've always had a problem with it... Everything he writes is incredible, but I've only ever been able to get my hands on short stories. So, I was delighted to learn that Gareth's novella Marwick's Reckoning would be published by Near to the Knuckle, something longer from the man that I've long championed as the best undiscovered talent in the UK. And, I'm pleased (but not surprised) to say that Marwick's Reckoning did not let me down. It's an incredible book.

What I've always loved about Spark's work is the way he makes the ugliest scenes and happenings beautiful through his writing. His style is all of his own and I wondered how that would play out over a longer piece, it plays out excellently. The detail Spark puts into his scenery paints the whole picture that for me makes it feel like I'm watching a film unfold in my mind. And yet he doesn't let it detract from the story. Marwick's tale is gripping from the first scene to the last... It's a simple tale of crime gone wrong. Marwick's life long friend and father figure, Charlie, is killed and Marwick has to manoeuvre through a landscape of characters never really sure who's crossed and double crossed him. No spoilers here, but the ending is something special and I'll say no more on that here.

This is only the start for Gareth Spark, his star deserves to shine very bright.”

Aidan Thorn Amazon Customer