Humble Beginnings and Visibility on the Internet

Humble Beginnings and Visibility on the Internet

Every beginning is fraught with pit falls.  It’s those tender steps you take as a faun, on four thin legs on a mirror of ice.  I’ve made a few mistakes to name a few when it came to starting this whole book thing up.  I had two options.  Take the well trodden route others have taken, and that route can be expensive. Or, carve my own way through the morass of shite that is the internet.

I decided to carve my own way.  It was while my wife was in hospital with my daughter, just given birth, that is.  I was on Paternity leave in the Army and decided to create a web page.  And so, ‘Close To The Bone’ was born – a site meant to incite laughter, I tackled obesity to gingerness. It was a laugh, I howled some nights while typing.  I created a post a day and somewhere deep inside me, I knew I couldn’t sustain that rate of creativity.

My wife complained and I settled for one a week. Then Darren Sant came along and we brought Pete Sortwell into the mix and he was

worse than me. Pete, brought us Closer To The Bone. Soon, the site evolved into an Online Fiction Magazine, all credit to Darren Sant on that one. He had the idea and we created Near To The Knuckle – Darren’s idea too. Nice one, buddy. Now we’re five years old and we have two other guys on board. One’s from Portland and the other is from Chicago. Each of us have our own areas of expertise.

This site is Gritfiction and this is the overarching company that binds the (soon to be) others together. We have Near To The Knuckle that deal with Crime Fiction and another called Tooth & Nail, which will be for Military fiction and non-fiction.

My initial thrust here is to develop this website. I’ll be looking at other sites to get some ideas. The main challenge is ‘visibility’. The internet is huge and without any developed SEO and careful advertising, this site will remain invisible. A bit like a pin falling into the middle of the Pacific Ocean.


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