Near To The Knuckle Publishing & The Blood Noir Podcast presents...

Crime and horror writers, we invite you to listen to this audio clip, and we challenge you to write a short story to complete it.

The Blood Noir Podcast will use the winning entry to create an audio drama, and Near to the Knuckle will publish and interview the winner our online fiction website. We will choose 4 runners up to be published, as well.

YOUR TITLE : Black Friday

WORD LIMIT : 1,500 - 4,000

MAXIMUM NUMBER OF CHARACTERS : 5 (characters are limited for podcast production purposes)

DEADLINE FOR ENTRIES : November 1st, 2018

Submit entries to: Editor at

Have a question? Contact Henry at with BLACK FRIDAY QUESTION in the subject line.

KRISTA : We can’t open. Tell Ben not to open the doors.

KATE : Ha! Shopper or entry level salesperson, Black Friday anxiety fucks with us all… Whoa. You’re serious.

KRISTA : I’m seriously not kidding, Kate. He won’t listen to me. Tell him!

BEN : Tell me what?

KATE : Don’t look at me.

KRISTA : There’s something… someone… Fuck, this is going to make me sound so mental. But you have to trust me. I had a horrible feeling –

BEN : You just started. I’ll trust your work, not your feelings. Get back to your counter, put your name tag on, and the only thing I want to hear out of your mental mouth is customer greetings and have-a-nice-days.

KATE : I said don’t look at me! I’m not putting my job on the line. Whatever made you feel horrible… just deal with it.

KRISTA : Fine. Screw it. Open and let’s work – I’m cool with it.

BEN : Good. Kick names and take ass, ladies. This is our biggest day –

KRISTA : What I’m not cool with is that crowd of insane meth monkeys out there looting this place and hurting us. It’s going to happen.

BEN : The fucking hell? I don’t give a flying Barbie fart if they are sober, high, or pushing around an old horny grandma instead of a shopping cart. Those customers have been camped out front for hours. With money. To spend in our store.

KATE : Yeah, Krista. It’s kinda part of our job to put up with the customers’ extra shit, you know?

KRISTA : This is a lot of extra shit. Ben, you screwed up big time when you fired Doug. He’s been out there since dawn giving out drugs, jacked up on the shit himself. He made some pills, too, that he’s passing off as Vicodin. That’s not a crowd of shoppers – it’s a bunch of tweakers and soccer moms wearing too much makeup to hide the crazy twisted in their faces. And Doug told them… things.

BEN : Doug is no threat. And neither are those shoppers. You really want to sacrifice your job – and our commissions – for a doped up Doug telling our customers things?


KATE : How do you know all this?

KRISTA : There’s no time to tell you. We need to leave.

BEN : Fucking hell. Get to your counter. It’s time to open and welcome this Black Friday.