Maurice; Defense Attorney for the recently Possessed and the Dead.

He’s not your typical defense attorney. He’s a bit of a mystery. Nobody knows exactly how old he his. Nobody knows where he came from. But he is a brilliant attorney when it comes to defending the falsely accused in court.Frankly, he’s a cross between a Perry Mason and an oriental Charlie Chan.

Make no mistake about it, when Maurice and his odd-ball legal staff are on the case, weird things happen.

Yes, I am B.R. Stateham. Yes, I am as old as I look. Sixty-six years old and counting. But don't let my chronological age fool you. There's still that boy of fourteen grinning and planning mischief inside me. Still wanting to write 'the perfect' hardboiled/noir story. Still dreaming up dark fantasy sci/fi tales. Still dreaming . . . period. So let's dream together, shall we?

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