Tales From The Longcroft Estate

Tales From The Longcroft Estate is a collection of Darren Sants stories on the hardships bestowed upon the people of Longcroft. Daily battles are fought for supremacy and survival within the tight community. Criminals scurry the streets like cockroaches preying on the old and young alike. Drugs are a common commodity, as common as the vendettas that are being waged.

Welcome to the Longcroft Estate. A sprawling housing estate home to muggers, thieves, petty crooks, arsonists and everyday folk. A place where dreams go to die and hope is a dirty word. However, among the broken glass and shattered dreams is humour, decency and a strong communal spirit that you won't find among electric gated communities. A surprise lurks down every narrow alleyway. Dare you enter the Longcroft Estate?

Darren Sant was born in 1970. He grew up in Stoke-on-Trent and moved to Hull in 2001. He is married to Julie and has two cats that enjoy ripping his furniture to shreds. His childhood was spent in an area between two very large housing estates. These estates and the colourful characters that inhabit them were the inspiration for the Longcroft Tales.

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