Competition time

It’s competition time, and all you need to do is write 1000 words. We’ll need your entries in by the 20th October 2017 and they can be in the form of a .doc file or something I can open up with Microsoft Office.

We haven’t had a competition since 2015 when it was Near To The Knuckle’s 4th Birthday. Craig Furchtenicht won that one. On this occasion the winner will be published in our next Anthology which will be selected stories of 2017 from the Near To The Knuckle website. You can get further details at Near To The Knuckle on this link or the preview below. So what are you waiting for? There’s an entry fee and that’s the price of a pint of milk from Aldi or Safeway.




Our upcoming magazine, The Blood Red Experiment, is gaining traction after a delay with the cover. We’ve got 7 authors who are writing 5 episodes of their own Giallo Horror season. We’re going for an Issue One release of the 31st October. Yeah, I know cliché – Halloween. To be honest it’s not that sort of horror, there are no ghosts or zombies, just twisted, creepy people who kill other people.

Also, during this week I met up with Jason Michel in the lovely Town of Bridgend, in Wales.  Copious amounts of alcohol were consumed and we conspired against the human race.  It was productive.  Wetherspoons was shite, but cheap!



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