Noir Medley by L A Sykes

Here it is.  Noir Medley.  A collected fiction by L A Sykes.  For me it’s got to be the creation of the book.  Like I said in an earlier post, I’m not one for editing, but I’m definitely an artist that loves creating books.  I intentionally made Sykes’s book larger than the others as I wanted something you could get your hands round, if you get my meaning. 🙂

The spine is perfect, just as I predicted and I did this using Adobe Illustrator.  The back cover was done using Photoshop and then placed onto an Illustrator Art board.

The front shattered effect was something I used from a tutorial I googled.  It’s really effective, but had some real dramas.

The colour black was a weird problem I faced.  Black ain’t black, it’s different in CMYK than in RGB.

Anyway, his book is out now if you want good read.  Some of it’s pretty grim and hard hitting.



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