Onwards and Upwards

I've learned that you cannot sustain a rushed effort. I used to go at something with all the relish of a madman and then when the 'coal' ran out, I'd sit there panting, wondering what that was all about. There was a joke a Veteran Policeman tells his Rookie Colleague in the film Colours if I'm not mistaken. It was about a daddy bull advising his bullock.

This week, Paul Brazill, our Hartlepoolian cad from Poland interviewed Lee Sykes whose book will be published by yours truly at the end of this month.  Check out the interview here.  Or you could go on the home page and scroll down on Paul Brazill's feed.

I'm upskilling myself on Adobe After Effects to get some effective promotion videos completed. I my computer, however, with its i7 processor is struggling without the plug ins. If you haven't already seen it here's Lee Syke's promo video - it's adapted from a template, but I'll get to the stage where I can create my own from scratch.

Thanks to a tip off from Chris Roy, I managed to secure four interviews for our authors.  It's going to be in Mid to late 2018 and Debbi Mack will be hosting this.  She's been doing this for a number of years and it will be streamed on Google Hangouts.


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