Push, push, push, never give up

Expectation management needs to be kept in check sometimes. You thrash out bland, scatter gun style posts via Hootsuite to hundreds of thousands of people and it's like reaching for the stars. You spend ages getting the banner right, the text right, and the colours right, you post it just at the right time to the right people and still, a silent gasp. There's a smart way of publicising work, I'm sure, I haven't found it yet. One thing I've learned and that's about balance. You can spend too much time lost in the connectivity that you lose your sense of reality in your locality, your family and friends - the real ones, those that you meet on a day to day basis.

Bringing on board good people to help maintain the online fiction site Near To The Knuckle is key and Oliver is doing a brilliant job. Kevin is just what we need when editing work, he's thorough and diligent, pushing the quality of work higher. I'm typesetting work and creating covers and adverts. The latest advert was for James Shaffer's 'Back To The World'. It has received some great reviews. You should check it out.


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