Mark Cooper, author of Quanam In Illis is interviewed by Henry Roi of Scream Hard Reviews

HENRY: The Blood Red Experiment is a magazine published with the intention of bringing back the giallo horror genre. Your story, Quanam In Illis, is featured in this NeoGiallo debut. What do you want readers to know about this story?

MARK: My tale is an attempt to fuse the NeoGiallo vibe with some good old fashioned Lovecraftian Horror. Oh, and some vistas of Paris too!

HENRY: What made you want to become a writer?

MARK: Primarily, the writing bug bit as a mechanism to combat depression – an outlet to direct some frustration at the world. After about 10 years of tinkering about and posting on websites I figured it was time to take another step.


Mark Cooper is a 40 year old civil servant, father of three and life-long lover of the strange and bizarre. When he isn’t trying to understand the greater mysteries of the universe or how to synch his iPod to his laptop he can be found in various comic book stores in the central regions of England spending money his wife doesn’t know about.